“In The Light Of Truth” ∙ The Grail Message is a classic work that offers clear and perceptive answers to questions which challenge every human being. Written between the years 1923-1938 it is a collection of 168 lectures addressing all spheres of life, ranging from God and the Universe to the Laws in Creation, free will and responsibility, intuition and the intellect, the ethereal world and the beyond, justice and love. It answers eternal questions such as what does it mean to be human, what is the purpose of life on earth, and what happens to “me” when I die; it also explains the causes and significance of the unprecedented crises facing humanity today and our responsibilities to the future.












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Answers to unsolved Questions of Life
How can God allow such things?
This book gives clear answers to the question of fate, responsibility and how we are masters of our own destiny.
Why we live after Death
The author Richard Steinpach takes results from science and logically expands them to levels hitherto unknown.